disk model

disk model

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  • Poincaré disk model — Poincaré disc model of great rhombitruncated {3,7} tiling …   Wikipedia

  • Disk-O — Disk O/ Skater is a Zamperla flat ride. Riders sit on a circular platform with outward facing seats (Disk O) [or in a long, normal gondola looking inwards (Skater)] , and rock back and forth while spinning. It is a larger version of a Rockin Tug …   Wikipedia

  • Disk loading — The MV 22 Osprey tiltrotor has a relatively high disk loading, producing visible blade tip vortices from condensation of the marine air in this photo of a vertical takeoff …   Wikipedia

  • Disk'O — A standard Disk O The Disk O (also known as Skater, Surf s Up) is a type of flat ride manufactured by Zamperla of Italy. The ride is a larger version of a Rockin Tug, also manufactured by Zamperla. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • Disk formatting — Formatting a hard drive using MS DOS Disk formatting is the process of preparing a hard disk drive or flexible disk medium for data storage. In some cases, the formatting operation may also create one or more new file systems. The formatting… …   Wikipedia

  • Disk laser — Not to be confused with Laserdisc. Fig.1. An optically pumped disk laser (active mirror). A disk laser or active mirror (Fig.1.) is a type of solid state laser characterized by a heat sink and laser output that are realized on opposite sides of a …   Wikipedia

  • Disk Fax — The Disk Fax was a machine that was used in combination with games for the Family Computer Disk System in Japan. One of the main features of the Disk System is the ability to save data, allowing players to save information such as high scores and …   Wikipedia

  • Klein model — In geometry, the Klein model, also called the projective model, the Beltrami–Klein model, the Klein–Beltrami model and the Cayley–Klein model, is a model of n dimensional hyperbolic geometry in which the points of the geometry are in an n… …   Wikipedia

  • Leading Edge Model D — The Leading Edge Model D was an IBM clone computer released by Leading Edge Hardware during or before 1986.HardwareThe Model D featured an Intel 8088 microprocessor at 4.77MHz, although many had a switch in the back to run at 4.77MHz (normal) or… …   Wikipedia

  • Poincaré half-plane model — Stellated regular heptagonal tiling of the model.In non Euclidean geometry, the Poincaré half plane model is the upper half plane, together with a metric, the Poincaré metric, that makes it a model of two dimensional hyperbolic geometry.It is… …   Wikipedia

  • Hyperboloid model — In geometry, the hyperboloid model, also known as the Minkowski model or the Lorentz model (after Hermann Minkowski and Hendrik Lorentz), is a model of n dimensional hyperbolic geometry in which points are represented by the points on the forward …   Wikipedia

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